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Deposit Policy

Every tattoo, whether a custom, flash or pre-existing design requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in order to reserve the date and time of your appointment. Deposit amounts range from $150 for small tattoos up to $500 for large tattoos or extended sessions. Deposits for apprentices and first year tattooers will be slightly less and based on their current skill level. After submitting the Tattoo Request Form, your required deposit amount will be listed in the email response from your artist. Delaying the payment of the deposit may delay work on your custom design and availability.


Cancellation Policy

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to be paid when booking sessions to reserve your tattoo appointment date and initiate the design process. Once the deposit is received, your artist will then begin working on your design- this deposit is in place to protect the artist from losing hours of work and/or a full day of income due to a cancellation or no-show. If you miss, cancel or choose to reschedule your tattoo appointment date regardless of the reason, the full deposit amount will be forfeited for lost time. If the original appointment date is kept, then the full deposit paid will go towards the total cost of the tattoo.

Extenuating Circumstances

We understand that sometimes things happen that are out of our control. For this reason, we have implemented an Extenuating Circumstances clause that will allow you to apply 50% of your deposit towards a new date in case of a documented medical emergency, death in the family or positive Covid-19 test result immediately prior to your appointment. Covered extenuating circumstances DO NOT include travel plan changes, scheduling conflicts or reasons other than the ones mentioned above. Please note that if you do have an extenuating circumstance, you will be required to provide formal proof of said circumstance in the form of official documentation with a time/date stamp within 24 hours of notice. Examples of accepted documentation include a positive Covid-19 test result from a registered lab or testing facility, a doctor’s note on an official medical letterhead or relevant legal paperwork. Acceptable forms of documentation will be solely up to the studio’s discretion. Please understand that this is a Studio Policy and not up to your artists to decide, so please don’t harass your artist in hopes of being exempt from Studio Policy.

Extenuating Circumstances Requirements

If approved, you will have 7 days to reschedule your tattoo appointment within 30 days of your previous appointment date. Only rescheduled sessions that meet all requirements will be honored. Cancellations or reschedules after the 30-day period will not be honored under this clause and will result in the entire deposit amount being forfeited. In order to reserve a new appointment date, you will be required to match your original deposit amount by paying the 50% that was forfeited. After the full deposit is received, the original Deposit/Cancellation Policy will then take effect once again. Please note that Extenuating Circumstances will only be honored up until 72 hours before your scheduled appointment. Any cancellations/reschedules within 72 hours of your appointment date will result in you forfeiting 100% of your deposit, no exceptions as this results in a major income loss for both your artist and the studio.

By paying the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your tattoo appointment date, you agree to all of the terms outlined on this page.

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